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If You Have a Problem Ordering with PAYPAL Please E-MAIL US or call 405-968-5269.If using Visa or other card we use PayPal it's fast and secure.YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PAYPAL MEMBER TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD.After they do your order with credit card they will ask you if would like to sign up its your choice,its Paypals new policy. Make sure to add Items Name and Items # NUMBER to order.We take money orders or personal checks.If buying by check or money order E-MAIL Us, E-Mail:@ buy1orbeone@sbcglobal.net  and send Items name and Items # number.I will E-Mail and confirm your order.If buying with check it takes about 7 days to clear,i don't send Item order until check clears bank.Make sure to put mailing address and zip code.

  • Overseas Sales:Paypal or International Money Orders in U.S. Funds Only.

  • Overseas Sales from Indoneia,Singapore,Nigeria and Romania Interational Money Orders in U.S. Funds Only.

  • I accept Euro payments through PayPal!

    I accept Pound Sterling payments through PayPal!

    This is PayPal New Policy:For new buyers, signing up for a PayPal account is now optional. This means your customers can complete their payments first, and then decide whether to save their information in a PayPal account for future purchases. The checkout is more convenient, resulting in more completed sales and satisfied customers.


    Order-Shipping-Handling:We take extra care in packing items so there is no damage or breakage.ONLY Free First-Class Mail,Priority Mail Shipping Only in USA 2 to 3 days delivery,if you want Item Insuranced you will need to pay the fee amount for item,i have shipped without insurance and no problems,but i can not guarantee item for loss or damage.I give the customer option for insurance.If you need express mail overnight delivery $19.00 can be more by weight,e-mail or call us.

    All other delivery out of USA to other Counties E-Mail us about shipping.Air Letter-Post starting at $6.40 this could take two to four weeks due to your custom and you can get insurance on item up to $400.00.Global priority mail starting at $11.55 by weight delivery within 6 to 10 days.Global Express 3 to 5 day starting at $26.45 by weight .Global Express Guaranteed service starting at $35.50 1 to 3 days.When delivery arrives,if damaged or breakage take the package and item to your local post office and file your clam for your money and e-mail me to let me know.If you have any Questions call 405-659-6435 or E-Mail US:@ buy1orbeone@sbcglobal.net

    Updated Page on 9/11/11

    Domestic Insurance Prices
    Amount for Merchandise
    Insurance Coverage Desired
    $0.01 to $50 $1.80
    $50.01 to $100 $2.30
    $100.01 to $200 $2.85
    $200.01 to $300 $4.75
    $300.01 to $5,000
    (maximum liability is $5,000)
    $4.75 plus $1.05 for each $100 or fraction thereof over $300

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