Rita's Treasures Store Return Policy

Return Policy

  • We like our customers to be happy with items.And be a return customer to our online store.Please keep in mind that many items for sell are old.Some wear is to be expected.Wear is not damage.Sometimes even with care there will be some wear.I look our jewelry over very carefully and have another person check item before i ship to a customer.We only sell good,very good,exc.condition and like new condition.I'll gladly give you a 100% refund for item if you are not satisfied with your jewelry.


  • 1.-Notify us within 24hrs after receiving item by or Call me: 405-968-5269.

  • 2.-Return item to us by shipping off next day after 24hr notifying us,item must be received within 6 days of date you received item.

 3.-From the day you receive item from post-office.If we don't receive e-mail or call within 24hrs item is sold and no Refund.Sorry for the strict policy.But some people will order,wear jewelry or hat's to special occasion then try to return.

  • 4.-You bare the cost of shipping and insurance fees on return items.

  • 5- When i have my Christmas Sale and you buy a gift for a another person and at christmas time item doesn't suit the person.I will do a one time exchange for another item,not a refund,providing the other item is in the condition that was sent to you.When i receive item,i will e-mail you and that person can pick out something they like from Ritas Treasures Store.

  •  6.-All items must be well packed like they was received in shipping and in the same condition as item was received for a refund from Ritas Treasures Store. Refund will be issued when item is received.

  • 7.-All items are sold in good,very good or exc.condition or like new condition.When a customer buys a piece of jewelry they want to wear the piece of jewelry.

  • 8.-To avoid return please e-mail or call with questions about items.I try to put true color image and how item looks,so you can see what your buying. Like looking in store window.

  • 9.-On all other items such as antiques,collectibles returned to use within 15 days and call us within 24hrs.Above is the same return policy for antique,collectibles and gifts.Except 6 day return on vintage jewelry,vintage hats and call within 24hrs. of receiving Item.

  • 10-(Only Free Shipping in U.S.A.)if you want Item Insuranced you will need to pay the fee amount for item,i have shipped without insurance no problems,i do pack items well,but i can not guarantee item for loss or damage do to Postal Service.Please go to Order and Shipping Page for Fees. 

  • Page Update 09/11/11

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