About Antique and Vintage Jewelry Designer and Companys

About Vintage Costume Jewelry and Antique Costume Jewelry!Jewelry Designer and Companys

We Specialize In All Kinds Of Beautiful Antique & Vintage Jewelry in our Oline Store.We hand pick all our Estate Costume jewelry to bring our customers.The rhinestone jewelry era is unique in many ways,it encompassed the"Dizzy Days of 1920s deep depression of the 1930s,1940s to 1950s.On down the page is reading about Jewelry Designers and Companys.


  • Coro
  • The name is contraction of earlier trade name Cohn & Rosenberger and the company has been around a very long time,since 1902.Coro was considered within the industry itself as the leader in sales and pofits.The factory produced thousands of different designs of costume jewelry each month.In the 1940s,its highest price line was Corocraft.Coro was a rhinestone industry giant due to their size,quality of jewelry,and incredibly popular designs. 
  • Richter's
  • Some older pieces of rhinestones and colored stone jewelry bare the name Richter's.This was the product of  Richter's jewelrys,Inc.Located now at 680 Fifth Avenue,New York,Charles Richter "costume jewelry was very much a part of their early production.A number of pieces still survive and are already in collections.
  • Trifari
  • Trifari,as most collectors and dealers call it,is really Trifari,Krussman & Fishel,and while it could not compete in numbers with the largest Coro,it left most of the others standing while it raced off with all the high style accolades.Quite beautiful,especially in some earlier pieces,in the 1950s.Trifari used a crown with the word Trifari for its trademark.Of all the spectacular rhinestone jewelry made.Today Trifari is owned by Hallmark Cards,Inc.
  • Eisenberg
  • The stones are,and have always been ,of the finest quality Austian crystal.The Eisenberg company too has a long history which began in 1914.The firm has always used top grade Austrian stones from the firm of Swarovski in the Tyrol reegion of Austria.
  • Hobe
  • The principal factory of the firm is in Mount Vernon,New York.The company still claims "handskilled craftsmanship art and originality in designs. At affordable prices.They have remained a Hobe family standard.Hobe became a wellknown name among those who sought the unique in rhinestone jewelry.
  • Bogoff 
  • In the late 1920s formed the Spear Novelty Company in Chicago which specialized in belt trimmings,buttons,and other accessories that featured rhinestones.The business prospered and provided a transition to the costume jewelry business."Jewels by Bogoff" was formed in 1940 and a leading designer and manufacturers of costume jewelry until his death in 1958."Jewels by Bogoff ranked third in costume jewelry sales behind Trifari and Coro for a number of years.
  • Castlecliff 
  • Castlecliff of New York was considered a style leader.Castlecliff was sold through such outlets as Bloomingdales in New York,and Joseph Magnin's in San Francisco.Castlecliff's William Markle is considered to have been a "top notch designer."
  • Mazer 
  • Mazer is a mark in the search for older jewelry.Mazer Bros.New York made quantities of jewelry which sold for somewhat lower prices.
  • DeRosa
  • DeRosa of New York was also a big producer of jewelry,but so far is more difficult to find.Jewelry sold for $1,$2 and $3 in the 1940s.Priced above much of Coro costume jewelry.
  • Brier Manufacturing Co.
  • Brier Manufacturing Co. of Rhode Island sold jewelry under the trade name Little Nemo.Their pieces often bore paper labels or were carded rather than marks on the jewelry.It is often difficult to identify.Much of it is lower line than Eisenberg and Trifari.
  • Silverman Bros.
  • Silverman Bros.of Rhode Island was owned by Archibald Silverman from Russia. Brier and Silverman produced cheaper costume jewelry which caught the public's fancy and it would sell well,then companies moved to something else.
  • Hattie Carnegie
  • Hattie Carnegie was considered very high fashion costume jewelry at Saks Fifth Avenue and Filene's in Boston.In those days it was more expensive and more select.
  • Emmons
  • Emmons was the forerunner of Sarah Coventry.The costume jewelry was sold only at home jewelry parties.In the later 1950s the jewelry began carrying the Sarah Coventry name even though the home parties were being booked under the name Emmons.Very few marked Emmons jewelry pieces in the marketplace.
  • Sarah Coventry
  • Sarah Coventry not yet widely collected.William J. Slattery of Sarah Coventry Inc.in fall of 1984 the home party plan operation  of Sarah Coventry was discontinued and all inventory and equipment was sold to A manutactuer in Canada,"Thus the early Sarah Coventry becomes immediately collectible.
  • Haskell Jewels,Ltd.
  • Haskell Jewels Ltd.is still making "high fashion costume jewelry"still in New York.The early Haskells are among the most sought after of costume jewelry.
  • Monet
  • Monet has been active in costume jewelry since the 1940s in New York They produced tailored jewelry with no stones.Their later including rhinestones is beautifully crafted.Many of Monet pieces have great elegance and are hand crafted.
  • Boucher
  • Marcel Boucher in New York in the 1940s was considered with the great manufacturers,Trifari,Coro,Mazer,Castlecliff and DeRosa.Boucher has elegance and classy jewelry much of the 1940s.Boucher is becoming a prize for collectors.Early Boucher used two different marks-Boucher and M.B.Started his business in 1930s.
  • Richelieu
  • The company was started in 1885 and was acquired in 1979 by Victoria Creations.Victoria was formed in 1962 by Robert Andreoll and today the company has five divisions,Bijoux,Givenchy and Karl Lagerfeld are part.Beauty of Richelieu pearls coupled with rhinestones."Our pearls assume the appearance of natural pearls.Alabaster glass pearls are handmade of high quality lampen beads.
  • Lisner
  • Old American company started in the early 1900s,it was acquired by Victoria in 1979.Lisner still uses the Lisner mark and is the second oldest company in the jewelry business.Remember the golden age of rhinestone jewelry with well-known makers marks is receding further into history every day.Collectors should buy all early Lisner,even the lesser pieces.Liener's older pieces of fine old  costume jewelry of the 1940s,1930s and earlier pieces.
  • Pell Jewelry Co.
  • Which began in 1941,is still a family owned business.Highly creative pieces glitter with rhinestones and brightly colored stone,which have been "colorized"by selecting the hues best complimenting each design.Each piece is plated in 24K gold,made in USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Napier Napier company started in 1920s. New York in 1920s mark was Napier,as its current slogan "Napier is jewelry".Napier makes only jewelry indicates a commitment to excellence.Napier is a signature collectors respect and prices on older pieces are fairly high.
  • Ciner
  • The company started in 1892 as a manufacturer of precious jewelry.Pat Ciner Hill and David Hill  own Ciner Fashion Jewelry. Workmanship and quality of highest quality components,lustrous pearls,heavy gold plating,translucent crystal,multifaceted stones,high gloss enamels.An entire collection of Ciner would be an accomplishment for any collector.
  • Jreay
  • Louis Hirsch of  Jreay was convinced that successful costume jewelry.Jreay which is still a relatively unknown quantity,did anticipate trends and its jewelry endures today.It is becoming quite collectible.Another mark which is worth searching for.


    Italian Glass Vintage

    The 1950s saw a remarkable flowering of Italian glass whice was centered around the traditional glassmaking region of Murano.Venetian designers combined modern shapes with traditional techniques and brilliant colours to create glass of astonishing variety,verve and beautiful.Other influential figures include Dino Martens,Ercole Barovier and Flavio Poli.Good quality non-designer pieces from the 1950s are also rising in value and can fetch hundreds.

    Scandinavian Glass Vintage

    The Scandinavian countries were leading producers of glass during the 1950s.At the beginning of the decade Finland emerged from the deprivations and isolation of World War II to score an immense triumph at the Milan Triennale of 1951.Their display won six Grand Prix awards along with a host of other medals.And Finnish design was exported around the world.Other major manufacturers included Nuutajarvi,desiger Kaj Franck{b.1911}Orrefors factory in Sweden many important designers,including Sven Palmqvist {1906-84},Ingeborg Lundin {b.1921}and Edvin Ohrstrom{b.1906}At the Kosta glassworks.Vicke Lindstrand{1904-83}used luminous colours,worthy of Murano.Scandinavian glass is generally more restrained compared to the bright tones of Italian glass and often less expensive.

    Decorative Glassware Vintage

    Colourful decorated glasses were produced in the thousands in the 1950s and 1960s,Typical themes include abstract patterns,cocktail imagery,musical motifs and figurtive seens.Glasses came in multicoloured sets or with a series of related images.Although they were inexpensive,they were also fragile and complete set are rare today,partieularly those with large glasses.The more unusual designs command comparatively high prices.

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