Estate Vintage Antique Jewelry and Vintage Antique Hats


Welcome to our online store.My name is Rita Owner of Rita's Treasures Store.Offering Quality Costume Vintage Antique Jewelry and Antiques.I started 17 years ago studying and collecting real Gem Stone.I have always adored Vintage Antique Costume Jewelry the rhinestons in the jewelry they have so much glamour and sparkle like diamonds.Then my husband and I started going to estate sales and getting antiques,collectible designer jewelry signed and unsigned,art glass,depression glass,perfume bottles,all kinds of collectibles.I have been making handmade Beaded jewelry for many years.I design some out of pieces of estate vintage costume jewelry from Treasures Of The Past.We try to get unique and unusual vintage antique pieces for our store.We hand pick our Estate Costume Jewelry,Antiques,Art Glass,Depression Glass.We hand clean all our Estate jewelry pieces.We sell a fine seclection of Estate Vintage Antique jewelry in our Shop.

Rita's Treasure's Online Store

E-Mail me @

Phone 405-968-5269

We are located in Oklahoma

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I do give you tip's on buying jewelry on down the page,but i don't give appraisals or values on Vintage Antique Jewelry and Antique's.

E-mail me - Testimonials or Comment's

Testimonials and Comment's 

Sent:Tue 09/16/2014


Hi Rita,
Received the ring today many thanks, its perfect


Thank you Rita!  I received the earrings yesterday evening, they are "fabulous"!  Just perfect for my outfit, I can't thank you enough for understanding the urgency.  Your quick response was greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Hedy Christensen

Sent:Sun 05/06/12

Subject:RE:Shipping from Ritas Treasures Store

I received everything. Thank you. They are very nice.

Hello Rita,  Recv'd earrings Wed.  There are absolutely FAB....just stunning! I bought them to wear with a long, vintage, black Mexican dress with much lace & embroidery.  Thanks,

Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 6:20 AM
Subject: RE: Shipping from Ritas Treasures Store

Got it.
Thank you they ate lovely. 

Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 3:01 AM

Subject: Hello, just letting you know my beautiful kunzite ring arrived today - its' really lovely - even more clarity than in the photo!
Regards,Helen eom

Hey Mrs. Rita

Thanks so much for the beautiful hats. Me and my siblings purchased them for her Birthday(s) and she loved them. Thanks for the great finds, I am sure it took a lot to find those beautiful works of art. I can't wait to be able to buy more.
Thanks again the process was easy and I got them a day earlier than what I expected.
Angel Gunn

Hi Rita,
Just confirming my earrings arrived yesterday.
I absoutely love them!
Thanks very much again for your customer service and prompt dispatch.

Rita -

I got the package today and I'm thrilled with the jewelry set! Gorgeous, stunning!   Thank you so much!



Thank you Rita, I'm anxiously awaiting my gorgeous hats.  I do look forward to doing much more business with you in the future.


Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you and she really loves that necklace!
Kelley Newton

Hi, I would like to know if the above referrenced earrings are pierced.
Thank you Sue.

P.S.: I just received item#JE106 4.25" Chipita orange earrings....
they are lovelier than pictured.  I am wearing them as I am sending
you this e-mail.  These earrings are just stunning!.

Thanks again, Sue

Hi Rita
I just wanted to tell you i received the beautiful necklace that I will be wearing on my weddig day.  i am very happy and your cary alot of nice things.  This necklace is along the styles i like.  i like middleeastern, oriental jewelry and some antique looking items. 

Hello Rita,

The earrings came today.  They are beautiful and just what I wanted.
Thank you, Kay

I just received the two broaches and they are beautiful.  They are a Christmas gift for my sister.  I am sure she will love them both.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!!
Maureen Dexter

thankyou for letting me know. yes this address is correct.  thanks for emails to both email addresses. obviously this is my work one and the other is my personal one. 
I do love the stuff on your site and now I've discovered it I could well become addicted!!


Gailyn Wood

Thank you Rita, I'm glad I found your site and was able to purchase this beautiful piece. I trust that you have received the appropriate funds including that for shipping, as I was unsure as to how the shipping costs were to be applied so just included the relevant price onto the purchase order. I look forward to receiving it through the post and hope that it is appreciated by the person it's intended for!

Wow, Rita  -- I received the package on Saturday and was so surprised/delighted with the hand-made earrings that you sent!  Thank you so much.  (Do you sell these items on your website?  I'm wearing the earrings at work today and several people have asked where I got them!).  :)

Hi, Rita -- I received the earrings yesterday in the mail, and I am so pleased.  Thank you!

I received the items today; thanks for the prompt shipping; the photos did not due the jewelry justice ( they're even more beautiful). I'm sure my wife will love them.

Hi Rita:

I received the Goldette Crystal Necklace.  Although it does have a scratch in the large crystal, I still love it.  It’s quite beautiful, so I plan to keep it.  If you haven’t already cashed my check, go ahead.  And if you can send me a check for the $16.50 reduction in price due to damage, that’s fine.  I will keep reviewing your website to see what else tickles my fancy.  I love your merchandise and plan to place more orders.  Thanks again for you good intentions and professionalism.  They’re greatly appreciated. 

Best Regards,

Suzan B. Kotler, CFP®, CDFA

Hi Rita - I meant to e-mail you earlier to let you know that the jewelry arrived yesterday.  I am very pleased with it.  It is even prettier "in person".  I am very happy that I found your on-line store.  Thank you,  Janet Whitley

Thanks so much Rita! I can’t wait – both items are gorgeous


Hello Rita,

I received the lovely rhinestone and lucite dangle earrings yesterday, and
although they
are very pretty, i am afraid that they are a bit too much bling for my
wedding dress. I
tried them on with the dress, and they look too heavy for me. I am impressed
with your
quality of merchandise, and will look again, and have already recommended
your website to
other women. I also appreciate your very fast shipment. It took only about 2
days. I will
mail back tomorrow for refund.

                                       Thanks again,
                                       Camille Troy

Will make your link one of "my favorites".
I cannot wait to see it!

Thank YOU!

Your hats are gorgeous and just love my new hat...cannot wait to get it..I will have fun wearing it!!!

Thank you so very much. There are so many other items I like on your website, so I shall be in touch with you.

thank you,

please add me to your email mailing list, you have beautiful items!!!


Hi Rita!  Thank you so much for your help on the phone!  I tried to enter it into Paypal that this was the shipping amount and it wouldn't let me.  I am sorry.  If I did this wrong, let me know and I can try and send it another way.  LOVE YOUR STUFF!!!

Loreen Dall

I have received the bags.  They are very pretty.  Thank you.
Best Regards,


Hi Rita,
I receive my beautiful ring a few days ago, and it looks great!  Thank you so very much for the earrings!!!! wow I was so excited, and that was so sweet of you.  I love them, they are really fun and sparkle, and jingle when I walk.  I love vintage jewelry, when my husband and I got married, (well first we looked -- get that we part-- looked for an engagement ring, and it was it was a beautiful smallish diamond with two smaller diamond stones that were sent inside two small, what look like a rose buds. 
I wore my grand mothers dress, my necklace was vintage crystals, and Matt wore all vintage clothing as well, it was so much fun, we really looked like we walked out of the 1920's -- and we couldn't beat the prices for gold bands as well.
I have a real affinity for vintage jewelry, I just feel like some pieces call to me, and when I get them I feel at home with them.  Do you know what I mean?  Anyway, you are such a dear to send me the earrings I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, and for doing such a great job at repairing the ring.   I'll keep my eye on your web site, you have so many awesome pieces, really great prices too.

                                                                                     Take care,             Sarah Swift

Thank you Rita.  The earrings are beautiful, I cannot wait to get them

Hi Rita,
  Thank you SO much, I really appreciate it. It is a BEAUTIFUL necklace, I can't wait to get it! 

Will let you know when I get it and that everything came okay,
Loreen Dall

Hi Rita-
Thank you so much for the savings on the earrings and for informing me about it.
I assume you have already sent the earrings out so I guess I'll skip the insurance and hope for the best.
I plan on wearing these to my son's wedding in April. They look absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you again.

Lynn Chodos

Thank you Rita, I appreciate you mailing it so quickly.

Shirley Lovery

Received my black and white beads and I love them, Thank you, Karen

Hi Rita

 I recieved the superb hobe set i think it is fantastic i love this
designer /manufacturer
 Again many thanks

Hi Rita!
Received the hats Friday.  They are wonderful.  Thanks so much!!

 Thank you Rita. I really love your earrings.

Thanks again.  I am already making a "wish list" of other items I want.  I am sure you will be hearing from me in the future.  i may even take advantage of your layaway plan.

Good morning Rita,

I received the brooch today.  It sure is beautiful.  

Thank you very much Rosalie

This necklace is just what I've been looking for.  I need it for a wedding - I am leaving on 9/19.  Please call me if you think there will be any problem with this arriving in time.  
Thanks so much,
Thank you - I appreciate the update!  I look forward to receiving the necklace!  :)

Thanks, Rita!
I am really looking forward to seeing them in person!  Again, if you find any earrings at least 4" long that sparkle (for pageants) please keep me in mind....I will also continue to keep your shop on my "favorites" list.
Take care!
Custom Pageant Gown Designer
Crookston, MN

Thank you Rita, I appreciate you mailing it so quickly.
Shirley Lovery

About Vintage and Antique Jewelry Investment!

Some Facts About Gem Investment:You need to know how to tell synthetics from natural or see a qualified gemologist for a appraiser to verify.If your buying from a jewelry store there are some things to get in writing:

  • 1-Is this a natural stone or synthetic stone.
  • 2-Is the stone color natural or heat-treated or dyed.
  • 3-What is the carat weight and don't buy under a 1 carat if you are investing to sell.If they tell you the stone is rare get it in writing.
  • 4-Are there any flaws or inclusions.
  • 5-Are their any chips,they are hard to see without a loupe,chips will down the price.EACH MONTH I WiLL HAVE DIFFERENT TIPS ON BUYING JEWELRY.

About Collecting Old Estate Jewelry

Vintage Costume Jewelry and How To Collect Antique and Vintage Jewelry

  • 1-Beauty and desirability.
  • 2-Quality of the workmanship-handmade,cast,sculptured,chased,etc.
  • 3-Amount of wear and tear.
  • 4-Rarity and age of jewelry.

About Pearl Jewelry

Oriental pearl-the real"genuine pearl"is considered a precious gem,since they are rare in nice sizes and very expensive.

  • Price is determined by:Blisters,pimples,or spot.
  • Roundness-the more perfectly round the better.Luster-the higher the luster the better.
  • Tint-rose-tinted pearls most valuable.
  • Size-Oriental pearls(natural)are sold by weight 4 grains is 1 carat,Cultured pearls are measured in millimeters.
  • A fine pearl necklace or any strung pearl item requires very careful matching of size,roundness,luster,tint,and skin texture,If not it will detract price value.
  • Real Pearls and cultured Pearls should be handled with care.It is best to keep them in a separate pouch.When wearing avoid contact with vinegar,hair spray,ammonia,inks and perfumes.
  • All the above is also for the cultured pearls except,the real genuine pearl is relatively rare in nice sizes and very high in Price.

Tips on Buying Vintage Antique Jewelry or New Gemstone Jewelry

The most common topaz is yellow gemstone in color with a red tint.The most rare and most valuable are pink gemstones.Almost all pink topaz are heat treated:yellow topazes become pink and heat-treated amethyst become yellow are falsely called "gold topaz or Madeira topaz"also smokey topaz is not a real topaz it is of the quartz group,falsely called smokey topaz,so real topaz are called "precious topaz.Read my facts about buying gems. Brazil has very good yellows,darker blues,pinkish red.When buying gemstone jewelry and diamonds know what to buy.

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